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maryland. now the chairman of the public service commission says the commission didn't just give pepco $24 million. that 24 million represents the overall revenue loss for pepco. back to you, lesli. >> thank you. the other big labor story we're tracking now, the reported deal to bring back the real nfl referees. it was probably this play that made everybody mad enough to make this deal happen, a hail mary end of game and very much disputed touchdown calls. it looked like a packer reception to everybody else, but the replacements turned it into a game winning temperature for the seahawks. kristen berset will be here -- touchdown for the seahawks. kristen berset will be here with more sheen. a candlelight vigil scheduled tonight for members of a herndon family all found dead tuesday in fairfax county. police confirmed today the deaths on point rider lane were the result of a murder suicide. peggy fox has more on the
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family tragedy. >> reporter: the bodies were removed this morning. the crime scene tape came down this afternoon. now there's no stein on the outside at least of the terrible -- sign on the outside at least of the terrible tragedy that happened here. at the end of what had to be a tough day west neil high schoolteachers and staff gave their students -- westfield high schoolteachers and staff gave their students an emotional sendoff as the school buses departed. this morning there was a prayer vigil to remember their fellow student and friend, 16-year-old matt peterson who was in the 10th grade. there was also grief at rachel carson middle school where his brother 13-year-old chris was in 8th grade. the brothers were killed with their mother 52-year-old kathy peterson. police say her long time husband and the boys' father 50- year-old albert peterson shot and killed his wife and boys first, then took his own life. >> i information preschool with matthew and that's how we met and they've just been such great friends. >> reporter: neighbors say they saw no signs of trouble in
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the home and when one friend's son was born with autism, kathy peterson offered support. >> the petersons always remained our friends, always invited us over. >> reporter: at the petersons' church pastor tom berlin says there are questions nobody will be able to answer. >> no one i know thinks they have any easy answers here. so when someone like a pastor starts to offer easy answers, most of us are fairly suspect of that. >> reporter: florist united methodist church is holding a prayer vigil tonight. al peterson had worked for northrop grumman since 2009 and kathy peterson had worked for blackburg. as far as why this happened, that could remain a mystery for some time. the water joke full of money was apparently a dead
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give-away. demetrius jerome coles was arrested this week with a jugful of cash. there was a slow foot chase when they caught him. a flat screen tv was recovered in nearby woods in landover. police believe the goods were stolen from a nearby hope. coles is charged with breaking and entering among other things. a $9.6 million construction contract has been awarded to a boston company to start repair work on the washington monument. perini management services says the monument will reopen to the public, but it's going to take them about 18 months. >> reporter: i'm andrea mccarren on the national mall where the monument repair project is important to the 800,000 visitors who come here every year as well as the local economy. >> it is beautiful. i'm glad it didn't fall down. >> reporter: barbara and jerry haynes snapped photos of a scaffolding free washington monument while they still could. >> we're used to earthquakes in california, but now we're here we know it's a little
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different. >> i have to say this registered 7.4 on my richter stale. >> reporter: now two men who each visited the washington monument as children now lead a team that will repair it. >> if you really look at the total cost of the project, it's almost entirely being spent in this region for both manpower and materials. >> it will mean that there is jobs for scaffolding companies, for stone companies and for other small businesses. >> reporter: the project is challenging. the heaviest damage to the monument is between 475 and 530 feet, considered the most difficult area to access. andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> repairs have already been completed on the monument's elevator which was severely damaged by the earthquake last year. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad delivered his fine daley today to the united nations -- final address today to the united nations. observers say it was rather
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tame and lacked its usual anger and condemnation of israel and the u.s. he actually aligned himself with the movement occupy wall street saying the voices of the 99% are not being heard in policy making decisions. demonstrators crowded around outside the u nations to protest ahmadinejad's address. his term is over the end of the year and he cannot run for reelection. there are concerns new posters in the new york subway system could incite more anti- american violation overseas. the billboards read in any war between the civilized man and the salvage, support the civilized man. support israel, defeat jihad. a federal judge ruled the message is protected free speech. the pro israel posters are already being defaced and they're stamped as hate speech. subway riders agree with that. >> i don't think it should there be. i really don't. >> they're saying they're salvages and that's wrong. you shouldn't put that up. -- savages and that's wrong. you shouldn't put that up. >> reporter: do you agree with
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that message? >> no, i don't. >> religious readers rallied to make clear the billboards only reflect the view of its sponsors. the sponsors say they're just trying to make the point that freedom of speech is being assaulted, attacked and destroyed. there is some cautious optimism even though there's not a deal yet, but people are holding onto hope that maybe just maybe those replacement referees are going to be out of here and the real ones will be back in. kristen berset has been here as we're hearing all kinds of reports about the status of these negotiations. >> the good news is the nfl and refs are still negotiating. the bad news is there has been no deal quite yet, but they're a lot closer than just two days ago. so they're making lots of progress. you can thank much of that from the end of monday night's game between seattle and green bay, plus plenty of other bad calls this weekend, irate coaches culminating monday night appearing to have forced the hands of both sides to make
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some concessions. demorris smith, executive director of the nfl players association is concerned for his players' safety and says he saw these referee struggles coming even before the season began. >> when we first met with the league and with roger, we met with them before the season during the preseason for only one reason, one, we knew that during the preseason our guys are not at 100% full speed. my concern was that the use of the replacement refs and the gaffes that they were making then would only get worse as the season went on. >> now remember this still is a deal in progress. so far now the replacement refs are scheduled for this week's games and definitely scheduled for tomorrow night's ravens/browns game. coming up in 15 minutes more from the executive director and we hear from the redskins on the potential resolution of the lockout. they have a lot to say, too. tonight at 7:00 i'm joined by nfl today host james brown and an nfl official who has been locked out to get their
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take on what's going on. you will not want to miss the first eight minutes. we'll see you then. still to come on 9news this half hour, a smashing house call, an uninvited guest rams through the living room of a home in olney. that story is just ahead. >> reporter: a little more like august than september. here are the numbers for today. we managed to make it to 84 downtown, 65 the low. both are considerably above average of 77 and 59. we'll come back, talk about our frontal boundary, what that means to showers and storms later tonight and for your morning commute. >> plus the battle for battleground states, president obama and mitt romney make their case in ohio. we're headed to the buckeye state next.
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now we go to campaign 2012, a lot of the focus on ohio today. golfing legend and native son jack nicklaus helped republican mitt romney make the case he's the better presidential candidate. both romney and president obama have made more than a dozen visits to the critical swing state of ohio. >> the people of ohio are going to say loud and clear on november 6th we can't afford four more years. we must do better. >> it looks like mitt romney needs to do better in ohio right now. a new cbs poll finds him
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trailing the president by 10 points, the lead among women 25 point. president obama also campaigned today in the buckeye state. a quinnipiac university cbs news poll new york sometimes as well has him leading in two other battlegrounds, florida and pennsylvania. coming up on 9news no problem with name recognition, bruce leshan reports from romney, west virginia. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in romney, west virginia. this small town may share its name with the republican presidential nominee, but even here the partisan sniping has grown really nasty.
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a 70-year-old driver being treated for injuries he got when his car did this, crashed into a home in olney, maryland. the vehicle ended up in the living room of the home today in the 19500 block of olney mill road. a husband and wife were home at the time of the crash. she was literally sitting in the living roomer when dog, but they are okay. county building inspectors are trying to figure out if the home can still be lived in. d.c. mayor vincent gray was on hand today to make good on a promise to revitalize
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commercial property in southeast. demolition begins on a landmark east of the river retail site skyland shopping center. future plans call for wal-mart to go up in its place among other things. the mayor says this skyland project at the corner of good hope road and alabama avenue is among his top priorities for ward 7. the polls may show president obama pulling ahead in some critical swing states, but there is almost one place he is almost certain to lose, the small town of romney, west virginia about, 2 1/2 hours northwest of d.c. bruce leshan reports it's a pretty friendly place except when it comes to politics. >> reporter: almost heaven romneyites say, a place steeped in history. >> this is my little town. >> reporter: romney is the oldest town in the oldest county in west virginia. and the republicans have been lobbying to get the presidential nominee who shares the town's name to stop by. >> we certainly look forward to having president mitt romney
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come here and help celebrate with us. >> reporter: gop headquarters sits on one side of route 50. democratic hqs are just across the highway. >> i kind of keep them you over here. no. >> reporter: and the chamber of commerce sits between them. >> talk family, talk schools, talk friends, just don't talk politics. >> reporter: they subscribe to the same philosophy at the courthouse corner cafe. >> politics are kind of bad for business. >> reporter: but it doesn't always work. >> i think obama is evil. >> reporter: evil? >> personally i prefer obama. >> reporter: romney actually has a long history of nasty skirmishes. back in the civil war the town reputedly went back and forth between union and confederate forces, some 56 times. >> abraham lincoln earned himself one vote in hampshire county. >> reporter: democrats still outnumber republicans in romney by a wide margin.
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the town supports lots of democrats for state office but not for president and not president obama. >> i had one man tell me that oh, he ended that war. now what are all those soldiers going to do when they come home? they won't have jobs. >> reporter: so many west virginiaians dislike president obama that a convicted felon almost won the democratic primary. >> that was very embarrassing. >> reporter: lots of people in romney agree that washington is broken. >> they don't care about the american people anymore. >> we're in a big mess. >> reporter: and just cannot agree how to fix it. in romney, west virginia, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> here's another thing people in romney agree on. if west virginia was still a battle ground state, they might have a better chance of convincing either candidate to stop by. virginia, on the other hand, is a battleground and the campaign just announced mitt romney will stop in springfield tomorrow morning for an appearance. >> you know we're right outside
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the battle ground with all the ads. >> we feel it. what are they feeling tomorrow? >> another pretty warm day, rant as warm as today. -- not as warm as today, but pretty warm. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. turned out to be a great evening, really all the showers and storms north of us, 83 still, dew point 60. dew points were in the 30s monday and the 40s tuesday. now they're in the 50s and low 60s today which isn't that bad. winds south, southwest at 13 and pressure steady at 30.07 inches of mercury. satellite picture radar combined, you can point out the front and it is still a long way from us. it's just south of detroit right over indianapolis just north of st. louis. notice how it's getting that east to west orientation as opposed to north/south and they
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just don't move through. the good news is right now most of the showers and storms are peeling to the north of us from ohio directly into pennsylvania. later on tonight we could see a shower or thunderstorm primarily north of town. still 80 in rockville, 80 in great falls, 79 in fairfax, 81 in arlington, 83 in college park and 80 in bowie. so the front will hang around for a while, storms mainly north tonight, stays mild. a shower or storm possible tomorrow with a front still to the north but still in our proximity and showers linger on friday because the front is still going to play cat and mouse with us. now we'll put the futurecast into motion. by 10:00, 11:00, we could see a couple showers, maybe a thunderstorm roll through, a little heavier activity in yellow and orange. then after that we get into the morning hours thursday. you'll need your sunglasses south of gaithersburg. clouds will linger to the north but still very little in terms of activity as we go through the morning into thursday. by thursday afternoon some showers and storms could develop back to the southeast
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and west. so we'll keep the chance of a shower or storm. in the next three days keep it code green, still warm thursday, maybe a storm, 80 and it should be nice for the ravens tomorrow night, temperatures in the 60s and 70s, just a slight chance of a shower. a few showers friday, 78, still pretty warm, partly sunny, a little more sun saturday, 74, shower also possible. the weekend, yeah, we still have showers, but i would not change your plans, some showers possible sunday as well, low 70s, but then finally drier air moves in, low 70s monday for the nats and mid- to upper 70s with sunshine next tuesday and wednesday. so we got some drops on there, but drops are not as bad as animated stuff. get the games in this weekend. there is nothing like the real thing and boy, do we know that this week. >> yeah, we started to realize that once the replacement refs came in, how tough that job really is. coming up we've got the latest
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on this referee lookout situation. the redskins speak out about the possible return of the real refs, plus one doctor in wisconsin is offering to help them out. find out what he's offering. sports is next.
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and now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> following this weekend's referee debacle a wisconsin senator tweeted out two public
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numbers for nfl commissioner roger goodell urging fans to unleash their frustration. that resulted in 70,000 voicemails waiting for goodell tuesday morning. the same day that both the nfl and referee associations moved ahead with talks to end the lockout. that lasted till 2:00 this morning. good news, two sides are much closer to a deal, but the negotiations are still ongoing. for the players association it's not so much about misplaced balls or lost games. it's about protecting their health and safety. >> when you take a group of officials who have a collective experience of 1,500 years off the field and you replace them with a group of replacements who don't have that experience, our players know that the workplace today is less safe than it was with the real officials. >> the redskins got back on the practice field today trying to put sunday's loss and their crazy ending behind them
6:26 pm
turning their attention to tampa bay, but with news of the refs lockout looming we couldn't help but ask the team about it, especially considering the redskins had to deal with it as well. offensive coordinator kyle shanahan fined $25,000 for berating the referees. mike shanahan said he had no issues with the punishment and was very direct when referring to the referees. >> yeah. it would be nice to have them back. >> we'll see. maybe we'll get some more calls. maybe things will be cleaned up a little bit, but i'm not going to get my hopes up too high. you never know what can happen with those kind of situations, but it will be a new thing for me and i'm sure the guys will be pretty pumped about that. >> following monday's seattle/green bay game now an eye doctor in wisconsin is offering to help. he's offering free lasik surgery to the replacement refs who made the game deciding call. he thinks they need to be able to see a bit more clearly. >> we're afraid he's a hazard to the population if he gets
6:27 pm
out there driving with his eyesight, he can't see anything to the side. he can't see anything straight ahead. i'm afraid he's going to kill somebody. maybe we can improve all the referees' vision this way, too. >> maybe if they still don't have the job they can still get free lasik. don't forget to vote in our high school game of the week, just go to to vote. >> the fact that his voicemail is set up to take that much is pretty amazing. >> a few hours later to have to go into these -- i'm sure he didn't listen to all 70,000, but just to have that and go into these talk. >> he probably could have listened to seven and gotten the point. >> that's it for us. we'll see if this thing is wrapped up soon. the cbs evening news is next. >> derek has a whole theme show on the referee issue at 7:00. >> have a good night.
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>> pelley: tonight, the president opens a double-digit lead in a state that could decide the election. mitt romney still has a path to victory, but it's getting narrow. our new poll shows what's driving voters. >> i think the economy is better today than it was three years ago. >> pelley: reports from our campaign 2012 team. after one of the worst calls in football history, there is movement today on getting real officials back on the field. jeff glor is covering. and michelle miller on a bittersweet homecoming for the indiana national guard, happy to be back from afghanistan, but mourning the men that they lost. >> i would gladly give my life to bring all four of them back.
6:31 pm
captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. 41 days before the election, president obama is opening leads in states that mitt romney can least afford to lose. have a look at our new poll today. the president now has a 10-point lead in the swing state of ohio, 53% to 43. in florida, another key swing state, mr. obama's lead is nine points, 53% to 44. and the president leads by 12 point in pennsylvania, 54 to 42. this quinnipiac university/cbs news/"new york times" polls has a margin of roar of three points so the leads are significant. our cbs news election analysis team is moving ohio from a toss-up to leaning toward mr. obama. with that, we estimate 255
6:32 pm
electoral votes are solidly in the obama camp or leaning that way. for governor romney the number is 206 with 270 needed to win. the president would have to pick up just 15 in the remaining toss-up state that you see on this map in gray. if the president wins ohio, governor romney would have to nearly sweep those toss-up states in order to win the white house. so no surprise that we find both candidates in ohio today. our campaign 2012 team is on their trail and we're going to start tonight with nancy cordes. nancy. >> reporter: well, scott, it all comes down to women. the president won among women by eight points back in 2008. it's a big part reason he won here. but today's poll finds he has a far greater advantage with women now, leading governor romney among women by 25 points. ( cheers and applause ) the president's support among
6:33 pm
ohio women has surged six point just in the past month. one reason can be found in their answers to this poll question: about which candidate cares about their needs and problems. 65% of ohio women said president obama. 33% said governor romney. tonda young, the glennford, ohio, described herself as an independent in the poll but she's been swayed by democratic ads painting romney as a ruthless businessman. >> they've said on testified, anyway, that he's put all these poor people out of business, taken all these jobs away from the united states. >> reporter: mr. obama has also narrowed the gap among a group of voters that he has struggled to win over in the past-- whites without a college degree. in august, mr. obama trade romney by 13 points with this group. now he trails by just three points. part of that has to do with his consistent emphasis on the 2009 auto bailout, which democrats claim saved 45,000 jobs in this
6:34 pm
manufacturing state. >> when my opponent said we should just let detroit go bankrupt-- ( booing ) don't boo, vote. you know, that-- that-- that would have meant walking away from an industry that supports one in eight ohio jobs. >> reporter: white, working class voters make up 50% of the electorate, and, scott, nearly six in 10 of them told us they consider the auto bailout a success. >> pelley: nancy, thank you. governor romney's campaign, of course, is based on the idea that he's a mystery pl fix-it for the economy, but our poll of ohio voters found that most believe the president would do a better job on the economy, 51% to 45%. they give the president a 10-point advantage on taxes, too, 53 to 43. on dealing with the deficit, however, governor romney comes out on top, 49 to 45.
6:35 pm
jan crawford is covering in toledo tonight, jan. >> reporter: well, scott, after getting off his economic message and now taking hit in the polls, the romney campaign is shifting some of its strategies and we're starting to see that on the trail. to better connect with voters, romney is campaigning more with three events today in ohio. >> we're taking back this country. we're going to get it strong again. >> reporter: he's been more accessible to the media, with hastily arranged interviews. >> i listen to a lot of advice but frankly i'm going to keep on my message which is i know how to get this economy going, create jobs, more takehome pay for people. >> reporter: and today he released a new type of television ad which will air here in ohio and other battleground states where he makes his case directly with voters. >> my plan will create 12 million new jobs over the next four years. >> reporter: the romney campaign knows the candidate has something of an ipage problem
6:36 pm
and hope to change the impression he can be aloof and detached. he is still shadowed by remarks he made of which he said about his campaign, it's not my job to worry about the 47% of people who don't pay income taxes help piz supporters have taken notice. at a rally outside of columbus, one sign defended him. like many seniors, she doesn't pay income taxes. >> i don't know about anybody else, i thought it was right. what he said was right, 47 people-- percent of the people do not pay any income tax. >> reporter: now, the campaign took away neler's sign and said you can't take homemade ones to those rally and told me afterwards romney's comment at that fund-raiser didn't bother her, wouldn't affect the vote. but all of this, the shift in strategy by the romney campaign raises the question can it
6:37 pm
happen fast enough? >> pelley: jan, thanks very much. we asked dean reynolds to check in with ohio voters. >> i'm just wondering if mitt romney and paul ryan can count on your support. >> reporter: in this swing county in this swing today-- >> believe in america. >> reporter: the political ground game is well under way. >> i'm with the mitt romney campaign. >> reporter: polls suggest the republicans have work to do, especially on undecided voters, such as nick and elaine saras. >> i think the economy is better today than it was three years ago. so we might be heading in the right direction. >> reporter: might be. >> might be. >> reporter: they own the sidewalk cafe in painesville, and while they say they haven't made up their mind, third words lean towards the president. >> i do like that he created jobs in ohio and i'm looking forward to the debates. hopefully they answer some questions that they didn't answer at the convention. >> reporter: lake county is a good indicator of political sentiment statewide. george bush won here in 2004,
6:38 pm
and went on to win ohio and reelection. barack obama prevailed here in 2008, won the state and the presidency. each rode a wave of enthusiasm that folks here say is missing this time around, something that should concern both campaigns as they try to get out the vote. >> could i leave you with some information then? >> sure can. >> reporter: lake county is more moderate republican than tea party, and here's where romney may have some trouble. >> you're going to give them an elbow on the way around. >> reporter: libby hill is a karate instructor and longtime republican who exemplifies the jentder gap romney must narrow. what would rop me have to do to bring you back in the fold? >> i think he'd have to come more to the center. >> reporter: her party is too conservative, she says, and its nominee too removed. >> he really doesn't know the common man. >> reporter: here in ohio, that's a very hard perception to change, and it's made all the
6:39 pm
harder, scott, when you have fewer than six weeks to change it. >> pelley: dean, thanks very much. now let's look at the critical state of florida. nearly one out of three voters in florida is over 65, and one thing that really jumped out at us today in the poll is a big shift in that group toward the president. a month ago, mr. obama trade among seniors by 13 points. in our new poll today, he is ahead by four, 51% to 47%. that is a swing of 17 points in one month. john dickerson is our cbs news political director. and, john, what do you see in that number in. >> reporter: well the the statisticians will remind us polls are just a snapshot and not predictive of what will happen but it does give us an indication of the underlying currents in the race. barack obama lost the senior vote to john mccain in florida by eight points in 2008. so for the president to be doing well in the traditional republican voting block is a
6:40 pm
danger sign for romney. strategists for both parties in florida agree obama is ahead in the state and the battle over met care is helping make inroads with seniors. as nancy reported, the president is doing better with blue collar white voters in ohio and doing better on the economy of the economy. it's whaepg is mitt romney is having to play defense with his own voting group. the time he has to spend shoring them up is time he's not spending getting swing voters. >> pelley: john, polls that are taken about this point in september sometimes predict the winner and sometimes they don't. in 2008, we had obama over mccain at about this point, but in the year 2000, we had gore over bush about this point. how predict i.v. are these polls six weeks out. >> reporter: if we go all the way back to 1952, eisenhower's first election, the vast majority of the time the candidates who was ahead of the polls ended up winning in the end. presidents john kennedy, ronald reagan, and george w. bush were
6:41 pm
all tied or behind, scott, and they pulled it out in the end. >> pelley: as in politics, things can change pretty quickly in sports. the nfl and its referees seemed ready to dig in for a long fight over pay and pension but that was before the uproar over that terrible call in the monday night game. now it appears the lockout may soon be over and jeff glor has the latest. jeff. >> reporter: scott, not done yet but much closer to tonight. we're told both sides have made major concessions and there might be a final deal in place by the end of tonight. it was the the blown call that apparently paved the way for the breakthrough. monday night's mess, when a replacement official called the disputed play for seattle seahawks, giving them an end of time win over the green bay packers, triggered a new flurry of negotiating between the nfl and the regular referees. now, three weeks of increasingly
6:42 pm
sloppy officiating handled by referees that were ernest but not experienced appears to be just about over. it was three weeks that featured frequent fights, long delays, even a coach grabbing an official. fans were furious and so were players to took to twitter to criticize the league in blunt language. the league said today those players would not be fine. the main sticking point in the negotiation was the nfl's insistence that the referees give up their pension plans and accept a 401(k) plan. the nfl also wanted the ability to bench poorly performing referees. so, jeff, what's the timing on this. when would the regular refs go back to work? >> reporter: scott there was talk of about happening as early as this weekend but things would have to move very quickly for that to happen. if not, the target would be week five, the following weekend. >> pelley: jeff, thanks very much. there was something striking in syria's civil war today. the rebels took their fight on army headquarters in damascus, syria's pentagon.
6:43 pm
a surveillance camera captured a suicide bomber blowing up a van outside the building. another struck inside. at least four guards were killed. the smoke could be seen all over the city. the rebels are trying to overthrow the assad dictatorship. the nation's torch c.e.o.s answer the question, "who's hiring?" more americans are burdened with student loan debt. and remembering andy williams when the cbs evening news continues. the machine showed me a map of my feet, and it gave me my custom number. my arches needed more support until i got my number at the free dr. scholl's foot mapping center. i'm a believer! and you will be too! learn where to find your number at
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today about the job market from the people who to the hiring. a survey of american c.i.a.s found that only 29% plan to increase hiring over the next six months, down from june, when 36% said they were adding jobs. a growing number of americans need the work just to pay off their student loans. a new study out today says 19% of households in 2010 had student loan debt, and the average balance-- average-- was more than $26,000, a 14% increase in three years. elaine quijano has one student's story. >> reporter: jessica brothers has a bachelor's degree and is pursuing a masters.
6:47 pm
she's 28 years old and $85,000 in debt. did you expect your education to cost that much? >> no, i didn't expect it to cost that much. when i originally started, i was just pursuing what i wanted to do in school and what my passion was. >> reporter: her student loan debt began to pile up when she enrolled in a $30,000-a-year private college. that was unaffordable. so she transferred here to brooklyn college, a public institution, where annual tuition is just over $5,000. >> it does put a little bit of a pressure to want to make sure i get that good-paying job to make sure i can pay these loans back. >> reporter: one in 10 families has has student loan debt now owes nearly $62,000, $7,000 more than just three years earlier. total u.s. student loan debt has surpass the $1 trillion. while student debt is rising, average starting salary for college grads have gone up only slightly to just over $44,000.
6:48 pm
when of with the degrees you have, what are the starting salaries for the position? >> anywhere from 50 to 60 starting. >> reporter: brothers enters the job market next year. right now he's earning enough with her part-time job at the student center to keep up with her 70-a-month payment but those will balloon to $300 next year. >> i may be paying the rest of the my life, but i do want to pay back my loans. >> reporter: with the unemployment rate for americans her age at over 9%, that won't be so easy. elaine quijano, brooklyn, new york. >> reporter: overseas there was a protest march in athens that turned into a riot. some in the crowd threw firebombs at police and the cops responded with tear gas. greek unions had organized the march and a one-day strike to protest a new round of government spending cuts. the government's out of money, and international banks would not lend it any more unless it cut salaries and programs.
6:49 pm
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life forms at sea. the new species are microscopic plankon, a critical source of food for whales. scientists spent more than two years at sea covering 70,000 miles, and they found 1.5 million species of plankton, double the previous estimate. when the news broke here today that andy williams had died, a lot of folks had the same reaction-- they started humming his theme song. ♪ moon river ♪. >> pelley: andy williams began his singing career with his brothers. their big break was backing up bing crosby. ♪ would you like to swing on a star ♪ carry moonbeams home in a jar ♪ >> andy williams! >> pelley: when he got his own tv show in the 1960s, williams introduced america to another brother act, the osmonds. williams had 21 gold or platinum
6:53 pm
albums and once topped the singles chart. ♪ but i'm crazy about you you butterfly ♪ >> pelley: williams christmas specials were a tv tradition, and in more recent years he performed at his moon river theater in branson, missouri. andy williams died last night of bladder cancer. he was 84. a national guard unit comes home from war, but the joy today is mixed with sadness, and that's next. yeah, that's the way to do it! a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understands the value of spending time together
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coming up at 7:00 i'll sit down with the nfl's today's james brown and a locked out referee talking about the current state of the lackout, that plus top at 7:00 -- lockout, that plus top at 7:00. national guardsmen deploy to afghanistan on a dangerous mission-- to clear roadside bombs. today they came home, most of them. michelle miller was there. >> are you ready to meet your uncle? >> reporter: it's been a year since amanda rackowicz has seen her brother, sergeant clinton jordan. today was the day he and his 713th engineer company of the indiana national guard returned from war. >> dismissed! ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: she had a special delivery for her brother, his
6:57 pm
new nephew, seven-month-old braden. >> he's home, and that's all i could ask for. >> reporter: these men have spent the last year clearing land mines in afghanistan. >> all the times talking about this day is-- it's, you know, it's finally here. >> reporter: but six of his friends were not as lucky. they were killed. >> to lose six people like that is extremely catastrophic to me. >> reporter: specialist douglas rackowicz has been home since january. he was in a truck that detonated a roadside bomb that killed four of the guardsmen. take me back to that day. >> it's a double-edged sword. i want to remember but i don't want to remember. >> reporter: for nearly a month, rackowicz lay in a coma at walter reed hospital with a broken pelvis, a fractured spine, crushed ankle, and a punctured lung. >> i thank god every day that i'm still here. i was able to see my son's birth, and i was able to be back here in the states for that, and i'm able to be around my kids. but at the same time, i would gladly give my life to bring all four of them back.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: rackowicz was eager to thank the men who saved his life. one of them was sergeant jordan, who saw the explosion from the rear of the convoy. >> just the not knowing, just the terror and-- it was scary. >> reporter: jordan is not only rackowicz's brother in arms but his brother in law. the last time these 10 men saw each other, rackowicz was being loded on to a medical helicopter. amanda rackowicz also wanted to thank her big brother, clt. >> my brother told me he sat there and he held double in his arms. words couldn't express how thankful i am for my brother. >> it's my family coming hole. >> reporter: finally back home again in indiana. michelle miller, cbs news, gary, indiana. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
6:59 pm
captioned by media access group at wgbh this is 9 news now. as wilson scrambles to keep it alive, the game's final play say wilson lob to the end zone which is simultaneous. who has it? who did they give it to? touchdown! >> on review the call on the field stands, touchdown. >> seahawks win in the most bizarre finish you'll ever see. >> it may that be very call that may have pushed the nfl and referees to get serious about making a deal because tonight it does appear the two sides are closer to a tentative deal than they've been in months. it was the most controversial nfl call in

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